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Preventative Care - Club Memberships

What do you suppose would happen to your car if you never changed the oil? Or never checked the tires for wear? What would happen to your home’s exterior if you never cared for it? What an expensive mess you would end up with!

Like most people, you do take care of these things. And you are probably at it constantly. Why? Because they’re valuable; and you don’t want to lose them. Plus they are right there in front of you all the time. You know when they need attention.

But what about the thing in your home that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer… your heating and cooling system? You probably rarely see it and even if you did, you wouldn’t know whether or not it needed attention! Of course you’d know if it failed to provide heating or cooling, but without regular service, some pretty serious problems can develop.

Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul.. both in preventing common repairs and in utility overpayment. Our club memberships are designed to save you money, repairs, loss of comfort, and hassles!

Platinum Club Members Receive:

  • Guaranteed same-day appointments
  • Annual preventative maintenance with a Safety Inspection using our infrared camera, The Inspector, to check for cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A filter change out visit.
  • FREE diagnostic service and FREE repairs (up through a level 5).
  • A 10% Replacement discount PLUS the balance of your Replacement Builder Account. (All of the money that you invest in your Platinum Club Membership goes into a special account in our system designated for you and any balance not used for maintenances or repairs can be directly applied to your NEW home comfort system when that time comes!)
  • Prequalification: Thorough examination of entire system - make necessary repairs as advised.

Gold Club Members Receive:

  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  • Annual preventative maintenance and Safety Inspection with our infrared camera The Inspector to check for dangerous cracks in your heat exchanger that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A discounted $49 Diagnostic Service.
  • A 20% Repair discount and 10% Replacement discount.
  • Prequalification: Thorough examination of entire system- make necessary repairs.

Silver Club Members Receive:

  • Guaranteed appointments in 36 hours.
  • An Annual Safety Inspection using our infrared camera, The Inspector, to check for dangerous cracks that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A 5% Replacement discount and a 10% Repair discount.

All of our Club Members receive:

  • A Front-of-the-line-pass
  • Safer Home
  • Great Value
  • Special Offers
  • Energy Savings (Gold and Platinum)
  • Comfort (Gold and Platinum)
  • Investment Protection (Gold and Platinum)
  • Convenience of us calling you to schedule service
Tech Seal of Safety
Tech Seal of Safety
Comfort Qualified

"Our overall experience was very professional all the way from the initial estimate to the installation job. Schuyler did a great job of selling the system and the company. He explained everything thoroughly. You also had great warranties and coverage of your workmanship. I was sold on the quality of Air Pride and your reputation."
Steve and Pam, Lake Oswego, OR

"Our old heating/cooling system (original equipment) was being maintained 72 Degrees for several years. When my wife and I made the decision to completely upgrade our system to the new high efficiency model, there was no doubt who we would choose to do this for us. Steve Green and his crew are knowledgeable, honest, fair priced, punctual and are able to explain things in terms that are understandable to the layman. Their continual education keep 72 Degrees ahead of the curve in their ability to repair remove, or replace anything that may need their attention. I witnessed this first hand. We highly recommend 72 Degrees to anyone needing heating/cooling work done. After experiencing doing business with Steve you will want to write one of these yourself. It may sound like a corny pun, but "they are a breath of fresh air."
Joe, West Linn, OR

"Your company name came to us as a referral. We like how honest you are in dealing with your customers. This is what we are looking for in a company. You took a great deal of time assessing what we would need, careful not to over-sell us a system. You were punctual and professional at our appointments. You put on shoe covers as your STANDARD practice that tells me you are respectful of our home. You came prepared with everything needed to get the job done."
Glen and Janet, Wilsonville, OR

"We chose 72 Degrees because we had heard nice things from our neighbors about them. We also checked them out with "Angie's List" online. 72 Degrees was the best decision we ever made!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!"
Nancy, West Linn, OR


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